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We do get ample of opportunities to capture a unique moment that would freeze time and produce a priceless frame.
The challenge becomes multifold and captivating when we seek that one candid moment effortlessly with kids around especially with tiny toddlers who have just made up their mind!Their attention span is almost like a firefly!
So a trend Or an idea that works with one kid might not work with the other.
For instance, a cake smash moment with our daughter Kavya didn’t get us those perfect expressions or moments until we switched to a simple lollipop.
May be she preferred the simplified “back-to-basic ” comfort that a lollipop provides than the funny messiness of a cake.

Photo shoot should not always be about the perfect frame with all technicalities, trends in flight and nuances of the trade. Sometimes, a tiny element can bring out the magic miraculously when we expect the least.
A song, favourite toy, familiar faces, may be a cartoon character can be the sweet spark.

The takeaway from this experience is to establish a comfort and rapport between the lens and infant without worrying much about the perfection.