We help you in making your beautiful moments last a lifetime!

We help you in making your beautiful moments last a lifetime!
But before that, it’s time to know a bit about us and why we chose this. Isn’t it?
Two things in life which cannot be taken back:
1. Time
2. Memories
And we’ve taken the plunge to freeze them after being in corporate for nearly 15 years!

We are Sundaram and Geetha, the faces behind Sungeet captures, and we specialise in maternity and baby photography.
As corporate employees, we were leading a busy life looking after our full-time jobs.
Despite our hectic schedules, we never missed an opportunity to seek out things that delight our soul.
One thing both of us had in common was our love for art.
Both of us, being lovers of art and admirers of little things, then decided to side hustle as couple photographers in 2017.
A lot of learning and experience later, here we are as full-time photographers, living our dream life of seeing happy moments everyday.
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Capturing your most precious moments

Are you planning a special event? We will make it a part of the history.

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